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Wrestling University Training Center

Wrestling University Training Center


Wrestling University Training Center provides a year round training opportunities for Elementary through High School athletes. If you would like to be a national caliber competitor or want to prepare for your dream of winning a High School State Championship, Wrestling University Training Center is designed to enhance your ability and assist in your preparation for high level competitive wrestling. Wrestling University Training Center has designed a program for wrestlers at any level.

Wrestling University Training Center is committed to the training, teaching, and mentoring of its athletes in order to reach the highest level of individual success and excellence in the sport of wrestling.

The vision of Wrestling University Training Center and its athletes is to develop a mentality which attributes to success in the sport of wrestling and life. This plan is one that will evolve over time and continue to raise the level of wrestling in Georgia for many years to come.

The goal of Wrestling University Training Center is to instill in each athlete, not only the highest level of technique and confidence, but also provide the most competitive environment that elevates the driven wrestler to achieve success at any level of wrestling. Wrestling University Training Center focuses on technique, strength, conditioning, nutrition, and mental preparedness. These are the fundamentals of our program. Teaching, instilling and building in all five areas ensures a strong foundation for a lifetime of winning.

For any wrestler to be successful, the proper learned techniques to moves are essential. Time and time again young wrestlers come in and they have the strength and drive, but the technique is not there. Intensive technique training perfects moves that make champions.

Core strength training is obviously a part of a wrestlers regimen. Again, you can either do the same strength training over and over for hours on end or you can train and tailor your body to intensive 20 minute workouts that are more effective. Wrestling University Training Center's Cross-fit workouts will shape not only the athletes muscles, but transform their body to become stronger in areas that go hand in hand with technique and winning.

All athletes have been here, your winning over your opponent in points, but the conditioning is not there, you lose steam and you lose the match. You don't want to be that guy. Wrestling University Training Center conditions the athlete so they maintain stamina from beginning to end.

Nutrition is a critical part of an athletes training. When an athlete has to cut or gain weight it is crucial the correct program is used to prevent injury. Athletes need to maintain strength and energy while cutting or their efforts are in vain. Wrestling University Training Center can customize a program specific to the athlete.

Mental Preparedness
Mental Preparedness is key to the success in the sport of wrestling. An athlete can go through all the strength training in the world but if your mind is not prepared and focused, neither is the body. We train our athletes to visualize their moves, set-ups, and use the body with the mind to win. Changing up training, preventing burnout and maintaining a positive winning mental attitude are instilled in each athlete on the mat and off.


Wrestling University Training Center
1878 Gordon Rd 
Newnan, Georgia 30259

Phone: 770-770-7416
Email: [email protected]

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